Phone Number: 507-829-9564

A Couple of Notes to Consider When Booking Jett Skrien:

  • Attendees will be amazed as they laugh and interact with the magic leaving them with a sense of amazement throughout your event.
  • You will have no extra production cost because we bring all of our own sound and everything that goes in-between for a no-hassle setup.
  • My unique blend of comedy and grand illusions keeps the guests energized and entertained.
  • My experience as a performer means that I have seen a lot and have the ‘know how’ to exceed your highest expectations – and I do!

Jett travels self-contained and can provide professional sound and lighting to upscale your event. Jett offers different performance packages to custom tailor each event to meet your specific needs.

Contact Jett via the form below to find out more about bringing Jett to your next event.

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