Coloring Book Illusion

$15 + $3 shipping

This is one of the most popular tricks we have because it’s FUN and EASY! It is so easy that a child can learn this in 15 seconds. You flip through the coloring book showing normal pages with pictures outlined in black. The next time you flip, all the pictures are brightly colored! The third flip makes all the pages blank! Finally, flip through again and all the pages are back to normal. If you can flip through the pages of a book, you can do this trick! Book measures 8.5 x 11 inches.


Spongeball DVD

$15 + $3 shipping

Imagine making a few little red sponges appear, disappear, and multiply in your hands! This is a great trick that is very easy to learn and won’t fail to impress any audience, kids and adults alike. You receive the instructional DVD along with four red spongeballs.


Deluxe Magic Kit

$35 + $7 shipping

Jett’s Deluxe Magic Kit includes some of the most popular tricks for ages 7 and up. Cups and Balls, Ball Vase, Magic Penny to Dime and Shrinking Penny, Sliced Rope, X-Ray Vision, Coin Case, Spike the Coin, Obedient Ball, Telekinetic Rings and Ring and Spring. Includes instruction booklet and bonus 50 tricks booklet. The products are organized in a plastic tray inside the full color box.

Three for $50 Kit Deal

$50 + FREE shipping

Includes the Magical Coloring Book, the Spongeball DVD, and the Deluxe Magic Kit all for $50!